Webtrak does nothing to stop aircraft noise nightmare

Media release

11 December 2008

Webtrak does nothing to stop aircraft noise nightmare

The Greens have criticised Minister Albanese for wasting $20 million of tax payers money on fancy internet programs but failing to make real decisions to deal with increasing aircraft noise being suffered by residents under the Sydney Airport flight paths.

Greens Councillor on Marrickville Council said today: “Residents of the Inner West know very well when aircraft are flying over their homes and schools and I’m not sure what Webtrak will actually achieve,” he said.747-take-off-sydney

“Residents of Marrickville know aircraft are flying overhead when they have to stop half way through a conversation because they can’t hear each other, or they know when they are woken up at 6am by the first 747 of the day.

Webtrak is fiddling at the edges.  It is the kind of PR stunt you do when you aren’t prepared to really address the main issue.

“The 2009 draft master plan for Sydney airport forecasts a 150% increase in aircraft movements from 287,000 to 427,000.  Webtrak does nothing to stop the increasing noise nightmare for residents in the Inner West.

“The Greens are campaigning in Albanese’s own seat of Grayndler for the government to limit the number of aircraft movements into Sydney Airport to a maximum of 300,000 per year and for an extension to the curfew from 11pm – 6am to 10pm – 7am.

“If Sydney Airport are allowed to expand as planned, we will have a plane overhead every two minutes for 17 hours a day with no respite.  We don’t need fancy websites to tell us that is a noise nightmare”.

Contact:  Greens Councillor Max Phillips – 0419 444 916

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