Building Codes need variation to protect Marrickville’s period buildings

Media Release

24 February 2009

With the introduction of the first of the State Government’s new building codes set to commence on February 27 there is great fear in council that many historic and period buildings will be bulldozed.

The first of 18 ‘Complying Housing Code’ will affect about 1,000 residential properties in the Marrickville Local Government Area and will make many old houses vulnerable to demolition without the need to tell either council or the neighbours.

“This is the next step in sweeping changes to the planning laws in NSW and the heritage streetscapes of the Inner West are being put at risk by the State Government’s one-size-fits-all gift to developers and the building industry,” said Marrickville Greens Councillor, Peter Olive.”

“These housing codes are coming in at a time when the state government is forcing Marrickville Council to reduce its current levels of heritage protection.”

“With reduced protection and greater incentive for outright demolition the State Government has created an irresponsible pincer movement that reduces the rights of neighbours to be properly consulted giving them only a 2 day “courtesy” notification before the bulldozers roll in.”

“Council doesn’t want Marrickville to be frozen in time and people can already do great alterations and additions that modernise the back of the house while retaining the beauty of the original at the front.”

“The new code does allow for local variations but at present this section of the code remains empty. The state government should disallow the outright demolition of Marrickville’s period houses by including protection in the variations clause,” he said.

Contact: Clr Peter Olive – 0401719148

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