Community duped by state planners

Media Release

16 February 2009

The Marrickville community is being duped by state government changes to the standard definitions in the soon-to-be-enforced, Template Local Environment Plan.  The Floor Space Ratio, which limits the size of buildings, will be calculated differently and will make buildings larger giving developers a free ride at the expense of the community.

“Currently Marrickville’s shopping strips have a floor space ratio of 2 to 1.  The new calculations exclude walls, stairs and lifts. While future development plans will say the floor space ratio will be 2:1 in reality they will be 2.3:1. Developers will get much larger buildings and a windfall profit at the expense of the community,” said Marrickville Greens Councillor, Peter Olive.

“In previous developments Council has been instructed by the Land and Environment Court that a maximum FSR variation of 10% would be acceptable in some circumstances. Now the state government is proposing that a 13% increase be automatically included.”

“In the past this State Labor Government tried to change the definition of ‘late running trains’ to make their statistics look better, now they are fiddling with the definition of ‘floor space ratios’ to allow developers to build bigger, bulkier buildings.”

“This is a rort on the part of the state government because it stops people being able to compare like with like and gives developers a bonus at the stroke of a pen.”

“The state government has extended the tape measure of every developer in the state. The only thing that isn’t bigger is the back door they are trying to sneak this through,” he said.

Contact: Clr Peter Olive 0401 719 148

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