Tebbutt must act to allow council and community to decide on 14 storey tower and shopping mall in Lewisham

Media Release

4 March 2008

Developers have recently asked the state government for permission to build a 14 storey and a 10 storey tower on top of a massive supermarket on land bounded by Longport St, Old Canterbury Rd and the Dulwich Hill goods line, Lewisham. They have requested that their plans be considered under Part 3A of the Planning Act which removes council as the consent authority and reduces the ability of the community to have its say.

“There is no precedent for this kind of development in the Marrickville local government area and none of our endorsed planning policies or Urban Strategy would permit anything as big as this” said Greens Councillor Peter Olive.

“We will be calling on Carmel Tebbutt to tell her state government colleagues to let the council and community decide on this development”.

“The developers clearly want to cut council out of the process because they know that 14 stories are way too much and that a massive super market or mall is just not on.”

“Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act was introduced in 2005 and is one of many planning changes brought in by the NSW Labor to make it easier for big developers to get approval.”

“99% of developments assessed under part 3A have been approved and many of these developers have made big donations to the Labor Party.”

“We know these kinds of developments can really hurt our shopping strips and this one would lead to the decimation of Summer Hill shops and prevent the rejuvenation of Lewisham and Petersham shops.”

“Carmel Tebbutt should see this is nipped in the bud,” he said.

Contact: Clr Peter Olive 0401 719 148

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