Government must reveal secret M4 East Tunnel plans


Government must reveal secret M4 East Tunnel plans

31 March 2009

Marrickville Greens Councillors today called on the state government to make public the ‘secret plans’ revealed on the front page of today’s Sydney Morning Herald so that the residents of the Inner West can assess them and have their say.

car_tunnel“Yet again we have evidence that the State Government has plans and is seeking funding to extend the M4 East, including a tunnel under Marrickville to the Airport and Port Botany, but they aren’t being honest with the public,” said Councillor Max Phillips

“It would be bad practice if this project is imposed on the Inner West by stealth to avoid public consultation and debate.

“Residents want to know, what route will the motorway take? Where are the exits? Where will the polluting stacks be located? Under whose house will it tunnel? The public are entitled to this information.

“Information obtained by the Herald indicates the tunnel links Lilyfield to Canal Road, St Peters so the tunnel route must travel under substantial parts of the Marrickville LGA.

“Where does Carmel Tebbutt stand on the M4 East tunnel?

“Ms Tebbutt keeps denying they are planning a tunnel, but evidence mounts that if they can find the funds, they will build it.

“Ms Tebbutt is the Deputy Premier, she can’t feign ignorance about this tunnel project and she should be open with her constituents.

“Building more and more motorways is a myopic 1950s vision that has led to the domination of the car at the expense of the community.

“The $9.7 billion earmarked for this motorway could do wonders for Sydney’s public transport system and build a world class bicycle network.”

Contact: Councillor Max Phillips 0419 444 916

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