Donations disclosure raises more questions than it answers

Media Release  4 May 2009

“The disclosure from the local Marrickville Labor Party campaign raises more questions than it answers and shows that we need tougher laws on political donations,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.cocktailparty

“Local residents will be interested to find out that a net profit of $17,685 was made from a cocktail party, and a profit of $9,542 was made at a luncheon, both held at State Parliament House, Macquarie Street.

“Under the current laws only donations over $1,000 have to be disclosed, so we don’t know who gave all this cash to the Marrickville Labor Party campaign.

“If they are committed to transparency, local Marrickville Labor should reveal who attended these fundraisers and who donated money to their campaign.

“In total, 92 donations averaging about $400 each and totalling $37,586 were given to the Marrickville Labor Party campaign, but we only know the identity of one donor – a hotel group company that owns numerous hotels in the Inner West and Inner City.

“A poll conducted just prior to the local government elections showed that 83% of people want corporate donations to political parties and candidates banned.

“The Greens renew our call for a ban on corporate donations. Until this occurs people will be rightly concerned about donations exerting influence on politicians.

“The huge development proposed for Lewisham is an example of this concern. The developer has previously donated over $20,000 to the NSW Labor Party, and his proposal will be assessed by the State Government rather than the elected local council.”

Contact: Councillor Max Phillips 0419 444 916

The Marrickville Labor financial declaration is available here:

Other financial declarations are available by searching here:

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