Greens reject sale of former Enmore School

Media Release 3 May 2009

Local Greens councilors and State Greens MLC’s Sylvia Hale and John Kaye are joining with the Save Our Schools residents group this Saturday for a community rally on the former Enmore school site on Metropolitan Road, to protest against its forthcoming sale by the NSW Education Department.

enmore-boys-school-web“The sale of this valuable community asset is unsupportable especially at a time when the demographics of the inner west are changing. Recent census figures indicate that the number of birthing age adults (25-39) in the Marrickville area is almost 10% higher than the Sydney average but the NSW Education Department chooses to ignore these statistics” said Clr Cathy Peters.

“The State Government has wanted to sell off this site for some years now but was unable to do so until ex-Minister Sartor’s new planning laws allowed its rezoning, against the wishes of the previous council and local community”.

“The school site has operated as an educational facility for over 100 years and it’s crucial to maintain this space, as local facilities are stretched to the maximum.  The area’s only preschool Camdenville, is fully booked and local parents are being put on waiting lists.  As well, whole departments of the Enmore TAFE are using temporary buildings even though the TAFE is just metres away from the Enmore School site.  Predictions are that this situation will only get worse, as the current baby boom generation reach school age and the newly unemployed seek educational programs during this recession.”

“Education Minister Verity Firth has not yet responded to the Save Our School resident action group’s urgent calls for a meeting to deliver the 200 odd letters from locals opposing this sale.  I hope short term monetary gain does not prove to be more important to the Minister than the immediate and future educational needs of this community”.


Clr Cathy Peters  Greens Councillor (0419444974)

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