Energy Australia Tree Vandals

Media Release             April 15 2009

Local Greens Councillors are appalled at Energy Australia’s eco-vandalism in opting for cost savings by removing rather than pruning, large trees under powerlines.

 Five large street trees that are part of an established streetscape have recently been sawn down on Salisbury Road in Camperdown and Newtown. The trees that were removed were marked with a red cross on the trunks.

Electricity utility cut down these trees on Salisbury Road, Camperdown

Energy Australia destroyed these trees

 “It’s shocking that a body like Energy Australia seems to have adopted a cost saving measure like this at a time when local communities are concerned to increase their tree canopies and fight climate change”  said Councillor Cathy Peters

 “The fact that Energy Australia has ignored Marrickville Council’s preference that the trees in question be pruned rather than destroyed  reflects Energy Australia’s attitude to local communities as well as their lack environmental awareness.”

“While The Greens are not questioning the importance of safeguarding the integrity of power lines, it should not be at the expense of local trees. The Greens abhor this practice and will fight to preserve the tree canopy throughout the district”.


Clr Cathy Peters

Greens Councillor


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