Big crowd for Lewisham Towers meeting


Hundreds of local residents from Lewisham, Petersham, Summer Hill, Dulwich Hill and Ashfield braved torrential rain to come to the public meeting against the Lewisham Towers development last night.  So many, in fact, that quite a few people had to listen to the meeting from the surrounding corridors.

The developers plans were shown, local councillors expressed their concerns, and ‘Part 3A’ of the planning laws – that allows big developers to bypass the local community – was explained.

The meeting was then opened up for public discussion and questions as people expressed their horror at the proposal and developed strategies to oppose it.

The public then contributed to a resolution for the meeting to pass in opposition to the development and calling on the local members to oppose the development.  Detailed wording of the resolution will be posted on this website for public approval.

A big thank you for everyone who came along.  Now the hard work begins of informing your neighbours and letting our elected politicians know that the community is adamantly against this massive overdevelopment in their neighbourhood.

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