Mass rally against tower – InnerWest Courier


by Sam Worrad

Mass rally against tower
Protestors at Summer Hill Community Centre. Photo: Tim Clapin

Summer Hill Community Centre was bursting at the seams last Wednesday night as the Marrickville and Ashfield communties united to vent their anger over a proposal for a 14-storey, five-tower development at Lewisham.

Last week’s community meeting may have been hosted by the Marrickville Greens but there was a show of bipartisan opposition to the development, with speeches from Ashfield ALP councillor Alex Lofts and Ashfield independent councillor Caroline Stott.

“It will create more pressure on parking,” Cr Stott said. “Over 500 new apartments means 1000 new residents, mostly with cars; the streets on either side of the development are already traffic bottlenecks.”

Cr Lofts said the development presented an opportunity for the community to disregard political differences and band together to create a plan of action.

The Greens fear the development, which would include two 14-level towers, one 12-level tower, plus 524 residential units and a 9000sq m retail space for a supermarket, liquor store and 15 specialty shops, would harm local shopping strips in Lewisham, Petersham, Summer Hill and Leichhardt, disrupt traffic and create new precedents for building size and height.

Greens MLC Sylvia Hale accused the State Government and Demian Developments of avoiding community consultation and rushing through the project under the controversial part 3A.
“Section 3A has an absence of genuine political involvement and consultation with the community. It’s carried on behind closed doors. Then you have to live with the consequences regardless of the long term effects,” she said.

Demian Developments were contacted for comment but did not respond.

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