Labor backs Part 3A assessment for Lewisham Towers!

flats small webThe Labor Mayor of Marrickville, Sam Iskandar has finally come out against the Lewisham Towers (after considerable community pressure), yet strangely he backs the Part 3A system that strips Marrickville Council of the power to actually do anything about this massive overdevelopment [see article from The Glebe below].

Either the Mayor does not understand how Part 3A works, or he is happy for his Council and the community to be bypassed by this greedy developer.

There is little point in wringing your hands about such a development and then placing your faith in the Minister to do the right thing – especially with the current state Labor government’s extreme pro-developer record.

Mayor Iskandar seems to believe that Marrickville Council is only capable of deciding on small developments and that big developments should be shifted to unelected panels of technocrats or the Planning Minister whose party has recieved millions in donations from developers.

The Greens believe the opposite to be the case.  It is precisely because this proposed development will have a big impact on the surrounding communities that it is so important that it be assessed by locally elected councillors with strong community input.  Perhaps Mayor Iskandar has drunken too much of the Labor Kool-Aid and has forgotten why we have local democracy?

The Marrickville Labor Councillors need to work out whether they are serious about representing the local community, or whether they’re just the local franchise of the lousy state government.

Councillor Max Phillips

Towers plan too big - mayor

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