Bicycle budget – will it go backwards?

This Tuesday’s Council meeting will determine the direction of Marrickville Council bicycle budget.

Concern about the bicycle budget topped the list of feedback on the Marrickville Council draft budget, with 11% of all comments.


You can see from this chart that the budget improved significantly as the bicycle strategy was enacted, peaking in the current financial year.  The planned budget and forecast is grim for cyclists.  With funding shirking to lower levels.  You can read a report on Marrickville Council’s bicycle budget.

bicycle-round-a-bout-webMarrickville Council needs to decide whether it is serious about promoting cycling as a real alternative transport option to help reduce car use.  If it does want to do this, as its transport and bicycle strategies state, then it needs to build the cycling infrastructure to make cyclists feel safe and provide efficient routes throughout the municipality and connecting with other areas – particularly the City of Sydney who are spending $70 million on bicycle infrastructure.

While Marrickville’s budget is very tight, if Council can spend $1 million on expanding a car park in Petersham, it can contemplate maintaining or increasing the level of spending on bicycle infrastructure.

If you’re a cyclist and care about the bicycle budget, come along to Tuesday night’s council meeting, 6.30pm 16 June, 2 Fisher St Petersham and have your say.

Max Phillips

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