Master Plan for Lewisham to challenge Towers development

18 June 2009 – Media Release

Strathfield flats (12) webMarrickville Council will commission a master plan for McGill Street precinct in Lewisham to provide an alternative vision for the area that challenges the proposal for multiple towers and a supermarket mall.  The Greens motion for a master plan was supported unanimously by all councillors on Marrickville Council.

“The master plan for the McGill Street precinct at Lewisham will provide a clear and comprehensive vision for the area that complements the existing community,” said Greens Councillors Max Phillips.

“The Greens are confident that a Council master plan will more genuinely reflect the community’s vision for the area and challenge the developer’s greedy plans to build towers and a supermarket mall.

“The land along the old goods line is a good place for urban renewal, but it must be in scale with, and complement the existing community, and not overwhelm local roads or hurt local shopping strips.”

The second motion stating Marrickville Council’s opposition to the Lewisham Towers development and requesting that it be decided by Marrickville Council, not by the Planning Minister under Part 3A was tied 6 – 6  (5 Greens + Thanos for vs 4 Labor + Macri & Hanna against).  Labor Mayor, and Central Ward Councillor Sam Iskandar then used his casting vote to oppose the motion.

“I’m surprised and disappointed that the Labor Councillors, and Councillors Hanna and Macri voted against this motion,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.

“Given the depth of community concern about this development and the obvious use of Part 3A to bypass council and the community, I would have thought Labor and Independents councillors would side with the local residents.

“The Marrickville Labor Councillors seem so intent on protecting the local state member and her government, that they fail to recognise the genuine depth of community concern on this issue.

“The No Lewisham Towers campaign will continue regardless, and I hope all local councillors will be supportive and constructive.”

Contact: Councillor Max Phillips 0419 444 916

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