Albanese approves aircraft noise nightmare for Inner West

Media release  –  19 June 2009

The Greens have slammed Anthony Albanese for being a massive hypocrite as approved the Sydney Airport Master Plan that will increase aircraft traffic from 286,101 flights now to 427,000 by 2029 and give Inner West residents no respite from constant aircraft noise.line up in rain-web

Mr Albanese opposed the previous master plan, telling Federal Parliament in 2004 “I rise today to again put on the record my absolute opposition to the Sydney Airport master plan” (Hansard, 22 March 2004).

“Mr Albanese has shown himself to be a massive hypocrite with his decision to approve more flights into Sydney Airport,” said Greens Councillor for Marrickville, Max Phillips.

“In 2004, he was absolutely opposed to the master plan, now he is signing off on an aircraft noise nightmare for the Inner West.

“Mr Albanese should have stood up for Inner West residents by putting a limit to the number of flights into Sydney Airport. Instead his approval has given Sydney Airport Corporation the green light for almost unlimited expansion.

“Mr Albanese has failed his electors. It is not every day the local member is the Transport Minister. This was his big chance to make a difference and he has comprehensively failed.

“We’ve heard talk about a second airport for over two decades. Talk is cheap – we need action on aircraft noise now.

“The Greens were campaigning for a limit on the number of aircraft movements at 300,000 per year, an extension of the curfew by two hours, and for an alternative airport to be built so Mascot can close down.

“Oslo, Athens and Hong Kong have all successfully built new airports and closed the inner city airport to the relief of residents.

“If Mr Albanese really cared about aircraft noise he’d propose building a new airport and closing Sydney Airport.” Contact: Councillor Max Phillips 0419 444 916

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