Enmore School Blind sell-off

Media Release                June 22, 2009

State Ministers unaware of Federal early learning priority in Inner West

Meetings last week with Carmel Tebbutt and an advisor from Verity Firth’s office confirmed that both Ministers are unaware of the Federal government’s listing of the Inner West as a high priority location for an Early Learning and Care Centre.  Enmore School for sale image 1

Local Greens Councillor Cathy Peters and State Greens MLC Sylvia Hale joined Save Our School representatives in Parliament House  seeking a postponement of the forthcoming auction of the former Enmore School building in Metropolitan Road., Enmore until details about the basis for this decision were released and other possibilities were explored.

They were surprised to learn from Verity Firth’s advisor, that the NSW Dept of Education was unaware that the Inner West was one ofthe 11 priority locations in NSW identified for funding of up to $1.6 million for an Early Learning and Care Centre. These centres are designed to provide high quality and affordable integrated early learning and care in a long day care setting that that takes into account the specific requirements of the local community.  The State Government has already provided land on 5 Primary School sites in NSW for these centres  but nothing in the Inner West.

“It’s a pity that our local State politicians aren’t able to see that a centre like this is ideally suited for location in the former Enmore School building. With our local preschools booked to capacity and unable to service local families, it makes great sense to use this building and refurbish it with the funds that the Federal government is offering to set up an Early Learning and Care Centre in the Inner West”,  says Councillor Peters.

“It’s a no brainer  – the building is there , the demand is there and there’s Federal funding available to set up the facility “ says Clr Peters, “how is it that both Verity Firth and Carmel Tebbutt are so unresponsive to this win win situation?”

“The NSW Education Dept has been shown to have been totally wrong about selling off Erskineville Public School and will again be shown to be wrong with the Enmore School sell off – the community needs this facility now and will need it even more in coming years.”

“Decisions like this cannot be made using out-of-date demographics.  The Federal government has identified the Inner West as a priority area for early education – how is it that the State government and local Ministers aren’t able to see this as well?”

Contact: Councillor Cathy Peters 0419 444 974

[ Read more about the Enmore School sell-off here]


  • Rather surprising that State MPs do not know about Federal spending plans for education in their constituencies.

    Particularly when one of them (Verity Firth) is the State Education minister, and the other (Carmel Tebbut) is married to the local Federal MP!

  • Selling Enmore School like selling all public assests is illogical and certainly not in the public interest. Expanding TAFE or child care services, in a publically owned building
    would better serve the needs of people.

    I’m certain that ALP stands for Another Liberal Party. Hooray for the Greens and the community battlers who know much better than the Snouts In The Trough who porport to represent ordinary folk.

    And thanks for an unusually good Telegraph report.

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