Protest of Enmore School Sale

Live reporting from my iPhone.

Today Carmel Tebbutt came to the Australia Street Infants school to inspect work on the sand stone.

Unfortunately, her government is busy selling off an even older school on Metropolitan Street Enmore. They want to flog it so a developer can build apartments.

A small band of residents attended to protest the sale and hand over 1200 letters from locals who are opposed to the sale.

The Residents confronted the Minister about the fact that the department is relying on figures dating back to 1986 to justify the sale. More recent figures show a baby boom in the inner west and a rising need for educational and community space.

They also questioned her about the government wanting 4000 extra dwellings in the area, but selling off public educational land.

Carmel was very defensive and said she had ‘passed on the concerns’ to the Minister, but the sale, scheduled for next week would proceed.

She then left only to return in a fury having seen the 1200 letters and petitions tied to the school fence. She got all rightious about using a school fence for political protest. Protestors snapped back that it is totally valid to protect public education.

Max Phillips

Click here for more info on the sale of Enmore School.

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