Enmore Pool DA passes council

Media release

8 July 2009

On Tuesday night Marrickville Council passed the Development Application for Enmore Pool.

“I think it’s great that this project is going ahead with a 50m pool in the mix,” said Greens South Ward Councillor, Peter Olive.

“I campaigned long and hard to get the 50m pool into this complex and it’s great to have a design that uses no more of the park than the original 25m option.”enmoreartistsimpression

“The Greens have responded to the community consultation and supported amendments to ensure that fig trees and paper barks won’t be affected, that the BBQs will stay where they are, that the park won’t be used for parking.”

“Clearly the community wanted a 50m pool and it’s good to be taking this significant step in getting it built.”

“The pool building has been designed to include current best practice environmental features with south facing sky lights, solar energy and water reuse technology and will be well serviced by public transport,” he said.

Contact: Peter Olive 0401 719 148

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