Plans for the future shape of Marrickville now public

Is the future of Marrickville four and five storey flat buildings dominating our shopping strips?


The future of Marrickville?

You can now judge for yourself as the draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) for Marrickville Council is now public as it will go to next Tuesday’s Council meeting for debate and decision.

The Local Environment Plan controls zoning, height limits and floor space ratio.

Under pressure from the state government to squeeze more 4,100 more dwellings into the Marrickville area, the draft LEP has some considerable increases in height and density in a number of centres, including Lewisham, Dulwich Hill, Petersham and Marrickville.

The draft LEP is now a public document and you can see the maps here.

The new streetscape?

The new streetscape?

Marrickville Council will debate, amend and vote on the LEP at this Tuesday’s meeting.  It will then be sent to the Department of Planning for approval to exhibit.  After that a formal public consultation period will begin.

The Greens have some serious concerns about the draft LEP.  We believe it is allowing too much height and too much density in our shopping strips in the form of flat buildings.  Heritage protection is also stripped back from the current draft heritage areas.  It has the potential to change the character of our neighbourhood centres to resemble Kogarah or Rockdale.

High density street scape

High density street scape

Illawarra Road may end up a tunnel between five top seven storey flat buildings all the way from the Woollies on Renwick Street Marrickville to Marrickville Road.  The precinct around Petersham station could present block after block of flat buildings, while Dulwich Hill shops and Dulwich Hill station undergo an extreme make over that makes them higher and denser.

The Greens will move a series of amendments to the draft LEP to ensure the integrity of the Inner West is not compromised by overdevelopment.

The Greens urge local residents to have a look at the plans and to let councillors know what they think either by email, or by coming to the meeting.

You can apply to speak at a meeting here.  The meeting starts at 6.30pm Tuesday 1 September at the Marrickville Council chambers, 2 Fisher Street Petersham.

Councillor’s emails can be found here.

by Councillor Max Phillips

Which density is best for the Marrickville area?

Have your say on the draft LEP: which density is best for the Marrickville area?


  • look at the bigger picture, though. urban sprawl eats more farm and bushland in the greater west if population growth isn’t spread more evenly. how realistic is it to keep the inner west low rise?

  • Yes that is true. The Greens believe that medium density rather than high density flats are a better solution. It is about balancing population growth with quality of life both for existing residents and new residents.

    I don’t want to see parts of Marrickville get covered in block after block of cheaply built low ceiling generic flat buildings. I don’t want children growing up thinking the ‘front door’ is an automated basement car park entry monitored by CCTV.

    On the larger scale, the government should be encouraging people to move to regional centres rather than cramming more and more people onto Sydney while infrastructure continues to decline.

  • What about the redevelopment of the Marrickville RSL site?
    That is massive and the consent authority is the State Dept of Planning.
    It will all be over before anyone knows anything and Marrickville LEP is irrelevant.

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