Green streets event – talk by Michael Mobbs

The Chippendale Project

Petersham Newtown Greens are hosting the first in a series of regular presentations at the start of our monthly meetings next Thursday evening.

Our first speaker is the guru of inner city sustainablilty – Michael Mobbs. Michael established his sustainable terrace in Chippendale in 1996. His terrace is almost entirely self sufficient; he buys no water or sewage service and he sells electricity generated by him at his house. He has shown how city living can be completely clean, green and sustainable.

He will be outlining his innovative Chippendale Project – a working realisation of how our streets can be transformed to hugely reduce green house effects and energy usage by creating 21st century road gardens.

The project is eighteen months old and the results are excellent. So join us to hear how it’s done on Thursday night this week.

Venue: Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, King St opposite Newtown station.

Date: Thursday Sept 10

Time: 8 – 8.45pm

Background :

Michael Mobbs has held an interest in sustainable design for over 20 years, advising about technology, design, environmental law and policy to government, the private sector and community groups. He is an Associate lecturer in the School of Engineering at the University of Technology

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