RTA keeps M4 East extension reports under wraps

Media Release  9 October 2009

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon today slammed the Minister for Roads and the RTA for refusing to release key reports relating to the contentious M4 East Extension project, despite the NSW Upper House voting for their release and some already been leaked to the media (RTA refuses to release M4 papers, Sydney Morning Herald today).

Two weeks ago Ms Rhiannon won Upper House MPs’ support for the release of key reports, including a discussion paper on the motorway prepared by the government for community consultation and a report by UK transport consultant Jim Steer which slammed the project.

“Premier Rees claims the days of the secret state are over, but this shows it’s thriving,” said the Greens Roads Spokesperson.

“The government has stamped all documents as cabinet-in-confidence even though some have already been leaked to the media.

“Keeping these documents under wraps means Inner West residents are denied critical information about where the motorway and its polluting stacks will go.

“This is a project with legs. The Rees government says it would love to build it and the federal government is contributing $300 million for planning and preconstruction work.

“Before we know it contracts will be signed and Sydney will have a new motorway built by stealth, with no community consultation.

“The government should be investing in world class public transport, not building new billion dollar motorways that lock us in to a car-dependent future,” Ms Rhiannon said.

For more information: 9230 3551, 0427 861 568

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