Marrickville RSL site development withdrawn

The proponent of the large development of 124 units and a large supermarket, proposed Marrickville RSL site has withdrawn his application before it was heard by the unelected Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP).

The development was recommended for refusal by Marrickville Council officers in their report prepared for the JRPP.  The officers said the proposal failed to meet planning standards on 16 grounds.  The Traffic Committee also slammed the proposal with concerns about the amount of traffic it would generate, the ability of semi-trailer delivery trucks to navigate narrow local streets, and the proposed removal of traffic islands.

You can read the report on the development here.RSL-widget

The elected Marrickville Council also resolved to put a submission to the JRPP strongly objecting to the proposal.   The Greens slammed the tiny size and basement location of the new RSL, expressing our fears that it will become a subterranean gambling den with none of the good community features of the old RSL.

The developer even asked Marrickville to give him more time to change the proposal before it went to the JRPP, but the state government wants JRPPs to be all about speedy decisions, so off the application went.

The developer obviously saw the writing on the wall and decided to withdraw the application rather than see it go down in a flaming heap.  This is a great victory for the community who worked hard to notify other residents about the proposal and rally community opposition.

The proponent is likely to come back with an amended application in the near future.  Hopefully this will be a better fit with the existing community, but residents will need to stay alert and be ready to engage again with the process to make their opinions and voices heard.

RSL-public-meetingUnfortunately, the draft Local Environment Plan allows for bigger, bulkier and higher developments such as the RSL proposal, not only at Marrickville Station, but else where in the municipality.  When the LEP is put out for public comment, it is important that residents have their say or else much of the Marrickville shopping strip, as well as Petersham and Dulwich Hill will be ripe for RSL-type proposals.

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