Marrickville Greens Councillors arrested at climate blockade

Marrickville Council’s Green Deputy Mayor, Fiona Byrne and Greens
Councillors Max Phillips and Cathy Peters were arrested at Parliament
House on Monday Nov 23 as they joined over 200 protestors demanding stronger action from the government on climate change.

Climate activists block the front entrance to Parliament House

The three Greens Councillors were arrested after a mass sit-in in front of the entrance to Parliament House in Canberra along with 130 other
people, but released without charge.  They were  seeking meaningful
emission reduction targets of 40% by 2020 and binding agreements in   Copenhagen.

Councillor Bynre  stated, “When I read the latest research which suggests the Arctic icecap  could be completely melted during summer by as soon as 2013, I  realized that before my children even finish school, the planet could
be irreversibly changed. We must have real action now and that’s why I
had to be prepared to be arrested during this peaceful protest”.

“The fact that 130 people from diverse backgrounds were prepared to be arrested reflects the strength of feeling in the community and I wanted to show the politicians in Canberra that ordinary people are prepared to take action to  demand realistic reductions in greenhouse gas pollution so that our community and communities around the world can have a safe future,” commented Greens Councillor Cathy Peters

Councillor Max Phillips at the blockade.

Clr Cathy Peters arrested at Parliament House 23.11.09


“Action on climate is so important that sometimes we have to leave our comfort zones and put our bodies on the line. The government’s 5% target and deeply flawed emissions trading scheme is betrayingthe climate and our collective future,” said Greens Councilor Max Phillips.”We have a small window to stop catastrophic climate change, so it is now or never and that’s why I felt so strongly that I was willing to be participating in peaceful civil disobedience.”

Protestors blocking Parliament House entrance 23.11.09

One comment

  • Well done to our Councillors! It’s disappointing to see this most important of issues drawn into the Punch and Judy show of Parliamentary politics – it seems Kevin Rudd’s main objective with the CPR bill is to cause paid to Mr Turnbull.

    A 5% reduction will do nothing to address the looming disaster of severe climate change.

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