A real grass win for Arlington

Real Green grass gets the go ahead for Arlington OvalAfter months of waiting, residents living around Arlington Oval were relieved and overjoyed to hear that Marrickville Council was not going to cover their local field with artificial turf despite lobbying from two A grade soccer clubs who use the oval.

Greens councillor Marika Kontellis has been working steadily with residents throughout this highly emotive period seeking a way forward that would be a win-win for both sides, “The decision to resurface Arlington with natural turf using sophisticated irrigation methods and rainwater harvesting, will make the young soccer players less likely to suffer heat stroke and many of the other health issues associated with synthetic turf. At the same time the decision will give local residents a break from more intensive usage of the field and the loss of amenity that would have gone with that”.

“I’m pleased that the Labor councillors along with Independent West Ward councillor, Dimitrios Thanos finally realized that artificial turf was not a sensible option for Arlington and in the end voted for what the Greens thought was the right solution from the start – green natural grass on the field.”

“It’s a tribute to the local community that they stood their ground and made us all aware of the negative impact the artificial turf would have had on their lives and as an offshoot of this whole process, we hope to see improved conditions for them during the soccer season.”

“As well, I think we need a lot more scientific analysis of artificial turf and its effects on the environment and players before we look at this type of playing surface . It’s one of those things that looks good on face value but in my opinion, does not measure up as it should,”

Enquiries: Clr Marika Kontellis  –  0409076708

One comment

  • I’m glad to see somewhere in the 21st century where “new” doesn’t mean “plastic”. Dulwich Hill has a character that we can’t allow to be spoilt by taking shortcuts that ignore both the environment and aesthetics.

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