Stanmore’s largest gum tree turned into woodchip

Today Marrickville Council killed a beautiful healthy native tree.  It took maybe 40 years to grow to such a magnificent size, but only four and a half hours of chainsaw wielding before it became a pile of woodchips.

Many local residents pass the tree and made inquiries as to ‘why on Earth Council would cut down such a beautiful healthy tree?’  Many shook their heads and said it was a tragedy.

Greens Councillors Max Phillips and Cathy Peters went down to witness the destruction. It was awful to watch what is the death of a large organism and the loss of a substantial community and environmental asset.

All this destruction because of a few cracks in a hundred year old house that were probably caused by the clay soils, not the tree.  This is truly madness and risk aversion taken too far.  You can read more here.

Even some of the workers weilding the chainsaws could not understand why they were removing such a healthy tree.

Cambridge Street, Stanmore is now without a beautiful tree that provided shade and added to the streetscape.  This is a great great shame.

The Greens moved a motion on Marrickville Council in December to save the tree and make further investigation as to whether it was actually causing any damage to the house and whether other alternative repairs were available.

This motion was lost 6 – 5 with Labor and Independent Councillors voting against The Greens.  The other Councillors were unwilling to even go down and inspect the tree and house prior to making the decision.

Elected Councillors are responsible for the decision they make.  Below are the councillors who voted to kill this tree.

Cr Sam Iskandar (Labor)

Cr Laura Wright (Labor)

Cr Mary O'Sullivan (Labor)

Cr Emmanuel Tsardoulias (Labor)

Cr Dimitrios Thanos (Ind)

Cr Victor Macri (Ind)

The large stump is all that is left of this magnificent tree

The Stanmore lemon scented gum

The following Greens Councillors voted to try and save the tree:

Cr Fiona Byrne (Greens)

Cr Peter Olive (Greens)

Cr Cathy Peters (Greens)

Cr Max Phillips (Greens)

Cr Marika Kontellis (Greens)

Tragedy: the last bit of life cut from this forty-year-old Lemon Scented Gum


  • Experts are always saying a good street tree can add thousands to the value of your property. I think the before & after photos prove this. What a shocker it looks now!
    And why didn’t Council sell the wood? Trunks of this size & of this species of tree are worth a great deal of money. We have 3 timber suppliers in Marrickville who would have taken the trunk off Council’s hands for free. To make it into woodchips is just a waste.
    Jacqueline Yetzotis
    Saving Our Trees Marrickville

  • I think I will start a website called get rid of sam iskandar and emmanuel Tsardoulias

  • It breaks my heart to learn of this. Woodchips? Are you kidding?? So long, so hard to grow to this stage, then down so quickly. Stanmore has such potential for aesthetically pleasing, environmetally important and stately renewal, and this tree should have been part of the appeal and resultant property price increase. People ARE willing to pay for natural beauty.

    There should be a fund that council operates that allows property owners to use for the repairs that may be useful if a tree is indeed the reason for its faults.

    How dead, boring and bland the place looks now. Most of us know we are part of nature and we should learn to live with it….except some short sighted and tunnel visioned people.

    How one dimensional the streetscape looks now. How sad for the animals and insects that used to live off it. How pathetic the council didn’t even ask if any woodturners/timber artisans might like to have the wood and make a monument for the council foyer/libary/park.

    I feel sad for the workers having to do this.

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