Marrickville Metro plans massive expansion

AMP Capital, the owners of the Marrickville Metro are about to lodge plans to massively expand the shopping centre, more than doubling its size from 28,000 square metres at present to 60,000 square metres.  Obviously this will have major consequences for Enmore and Marrickville, including massive increases in traffic congestion.  Local shopping strips (decimated when the Metro firest opened) will be badly hurt by the expansion.

The proposal will go through the controversial pro-developer Part 3A development process, bypassing Marrickville Council.

Councillor Peter Olive has put out the following media release

Media release  2 February 2010

Destruction of local shopping strips in Ministers hands

Marrickville Council has been advised that The Department of Planning has received a Part 3A application from AMP to expand Marrickville Metro by over 32,000m2, more than doubling the size of the retail capacity of the site.

“If AMP gets its way and the Metro Supermarket is expanded under the Part 3A it will seriously damage, if not kill off, the shopping strips of Marrickville, Newtown Petersham and Dulwich Hill,” said Greens Councillor, Peter Olive.

“It will be hard to conclude that the Minister isn’t playing favourites with the big end of town if AMP is able to create this jumbo sized centre.”

“AMP’s ambitions seriously contradict the requirements of the state Government’s own Metro Strategy.  It says that in order to justify increased retail in a centre there needs to be at least 2,000- 5,500 residences within radius of 600m2.  If the minister ends up approving this application it will be a case of the tailoring the planning laws for a big player.

“The Metro shopping centre is surrounded by industrial land and the State Government has been extremely reluctant to allow Marrickville Council to rezone any industrial land. It would be very special treatment by the minister if AMP’s industrial land was able to be rezoned when other land, closer to train stations and more suitable for rezoning, has been steadfastly opposed by the Department of Planning.

“There has been a recent spate of applications for new supermarkets, notably at Lewisham Towers and the Marrickville RSL site.  In both cases the community said they didn’t want them.”

“There is enough retail floor space in the Marrickville LGA to cater for the needs of our community.  Our shopping strips have fought back to vitality after taking initial big hits when the Marrickville Metro opened for business in the 1990’s.  The last thing we need is a massive supermarket expansion that will kick them in the guts all over again,” he said.

Contact: Clr Peter Olive 0401719148


  • I have just arrived home after counting the Hills Figs which surround the Metro complex only to read this news via Twitter. If Marrickville Metro does get the go-ahead to expand, the community will lose these spectacular trees as well.

  • How do we go about objecting to this monstrosity?

    • marrickvillegreens

      Write to the local member Carmel Tebbutt and tell her to oppose the expansion.

      AMP has applied straight to the state government, so it is Ms Tebbutt’s state government that will make the decision.

      If enough people say NO to the expansion, then there is a good chance it will not be approved.

      The Greens will soon be distributing a leaflet to alert the community about the issue and encourage them to get active and put pressure on the state government.

    • Hi Belinda it will indeed be a monstrosity! There is going to be a community meeting, organised by concerned residents, at St Peters townhall on Unwins Bridge Rd on Wednesday 21 July at 7pm. Please come along to hear more about how we can try to stop this happening, and bring your friends and neighbours too!
      And check out the Facebook group “Marrickville Metro Redevelopment Watch”.

  • Bring it on – great for our community to have this development and I don’t think it will have any impact on local shops – there are none!! We need this facility as we are poorly serviced as it is……

    • Rick –

      Take a trip to Burwood and see how long it takes you to navigate the local streets and get a park (even on a weekday). Overlay that onto the site proposed and you might get an idea of the traffic problems.

      Assuming one decided to travel to the Metro by public transport, the nearest stations are St. Peters or Sydenham – a bit of a stretch if you are elderly or have children.

  • I live near the Metro and agree that there will be increased traffic in the area.
    There will also be more pollution, more toilets being flushed and greater presure on our natural recources.
    lets look at the real problems with over development not only in Marrickville, not only in sydney, not only in Australia but globaly.
    What is the lowest common denominator when it comes to every enviromental/over development issue? TOO MANY PEOPLE!
    How about we fight the true cuase of moder societies Ill’s and start to control our populations?

  • Way to go….
    Build it NOW….it will clean up the grungy metro as it stands now….then the council might keep the streets clean also.

    • marrickvillegreens

      There is no reason why AMP Capital (owners of the Metro) can’t renovate it now. They don’t need to double it’s size to improve it. Indeed, until the Metro is of a decent standard why should they be allowed to expand to such a large degree?

    • The expansion plans are not just about “cleaning up” the Metro – the impact on neighbouring residents, traffic/parking, and draining business away from local shopping strips is enormous and cannot be underestimated. The Metro management seems to have deliberately let the centre “run down” over past years, presumably to give credibility to their current proposal. It is unnecessary – they can re-furbish and revitalise the centre as it now stands, to make it more attractive and inviting, without doubling its size. And it is against social trend – people want to engage on a more community based level in all areas of their lives including shopping locally and making more meaningful relationships. Currently the Metro is a small-to-medium size shopping area that has all the basic conveniences and is easy to negotiate – and a huge mega mall is not the way to go for the future.

    • I agree, lets build it, the current metro is awful and grubby.
      I already avoid the metro and go to other shopping areas, so the argument that it will drive people away from the local shops is wrong.
      Marrickville high street has some real nice shops and too many bad ones, the shift will change and it will become a more diverse area.
      If the greens want to whine about growth they might find themselves out, we need it in the area, marrickville needs it.

  • Not being one of the lucky 1,200 to be contacted by AMP, I’d like to mention the following sites that are within close proximity to the Metro:

    Two primary schools;
    One major public park;
    The soon to be re-opened (hopefully) swimming pool;
    Church; and
    The Golden Barley!

    If AMP are that worried about falling revenues at the Metro, they could start by:

    Charging fair rents (or end up with major chains as tenants);

    Improving the acoustics;

    Changing the bland 80’s decor; and

    CLEANING the toilets!!!

    (And ban Woolies from playing that fresh food jingle over and over and over …)

    I’ve experienced the impact of large scale shopping developments in a few places over the years (e.g. Carlingford, North Rocks, Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Macquarie Centre).

    They are conspicuous for their “sameness”.

    It’s not like we don’t have enough options locally already.

  • I assume that Broadway shopping center and Moore park is not enough?

  • aaah but are those centres owned by AMP??? mmmmm

  • My husband and I bought our home in Enmore almost 2 years ago. We bought our home because of the local community atmosphere and the local shops that are very close to us on Enmore Road. We do use the Metro, but I am totally opposed to this kind of development. It will have a direct impact on the traffic in our reasonably quiet street and parking and I am not happy.

    Also, I was one of the ‘lucky’ few who was consulted by AMP. At the time I was not aware of the development and the way the door knockers sold it to me was that it was refurbishment and renovation. I am afraid that I may be in the 57% that supported the proposal that is mentioned in the SMH today. I think the way they collected their research was misleading.

    So I will be heading to the markets on Addison Road from now on to do my grocery shopping. Its much better anyway and a nice day out.

    • Hi Lara
      your comments re the so-called “consultation” process are really interesting, and IMPORTANT! I live directly opp the Metro and we were not contacted in any way shape or form nor any of our neighbours so we were bewildered by the AMP statements about community consultation and feedback! It is definitely misleading, and it would be really really important and helpful if you could share your experience with the survey process and make it more publicly known how biased the survey was, and also to put in a letter of objection to the plans. There are a couple of websites, created by concerned residents and businesses, who are trying to get these plans stopped in their CURRENT form. Check out these links that have a lot more information on them, and also attend the 2 community events if you can (one is tonight.) The final deadline for submissions is 5pm Friday 27 August. If there is an overwhelming response by the community, they will have to address the issues raised. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

      SMH has done a great job of finding out how much AMP has offered council for Smidmore St – $8 million

       discuss your experience andy any ideas at the forum at

      Community meeting tonight – Thurs 12 August
      7pm Herbert Greedy Hall,
      79 Petersham Rd Marrickville.

      Also on Saturday, 11.15am at Enmore Park there is a meeting, which will then go to the Metro to talk to the AMP reps there.
      AMP needs to see a united community and learn how we feel about their massive mega-mall proposal.

       thanks for your support!

    • Hi Lara,
      Atleast you were consulted. We were not even consulted. It appears to me that the community consultation was done with those who will not be imapcted the most. I can see why you would have supported the development because they misled you about the size, footprint, traffic impact, pollution etc to name a few. There are a few people here who think it should be developed. I think we all need to see the actual plans and then decide. I would encourage you Lara to please come along to the metro watch meeting tonight at Greedy Hall, Marrickville and say a fwe words. It will not only help our cause but will demonstrate how AMP’s research is subjective. Thanks for taking time to put a perspective on the 57%!!

  • Please come along and let AMP know of your objections this Saturday. We will be meeting by the bbq in Enmore Park at 11.30, then going over to Metro to the ‘information session’ held by AMP.
    All welcome – please come & show vocalise your opposition to this terrible plan

  • build it NOW!!!!
    we need change.

    • Hey Bob why don’t you send AMP your address so they can build it nice and close to your house, that’ll be so convenient for you.

  • Marrickville metro should be expanded to offer people from all ages a variety of stores. not like Marrickville road stores, which are mainly cafes (good) and discount stores (which ruined Marrickville. and also it would make Enmore park a safe place to be in at late hours, where assaults have occurred in the past.

  • I think that the upgrade should be done, metro looks old and grubby, needs a big time clean up and this should do the trick! Who wouldn’t want more places to shop at?

    • marrickvillegreens

      No one is against renovation. We are against expanding it to double in size. The two issues should not be conflated. AMP are being misleading by deliberately conflating the ‘facelift’ with a doubling in size! Doubling the size of a shopping mall has some major implications for residents, traffic, economic activity in the local area, as I’m sure you will appreciate.

  • The Dept of Planning has received NEW PLANS for the expansion & public submissions are accepted – NEW DEADLINE Fri 18 March 2011
    The new plans have made some modifications to the original proposal eg some increased set-backs, removal of 1 spiral car ramp, retention of most trees. However the majority of concerns remain unaddressed or refuted by AMP.

    • Almost double size & height – 75.3% increase in gross floor space, 100% height increase to 14.5m • Inappropriate location surrounded by small houses & narrow streets • Increase already congested traffic on all surrounding streets & not on a main arterial rd • Increase existing local parking problems • Huge spiral car ramp will visually impact houses on Bourne & Edinburgh Sts • A Metro “Civic Place” on Victoria Rd facing a row of small houses which will become “fishbowls” & lose privacy • Bulky building mass behind Bourne St homes • 2 more major brands plus 3rd supermarket – unnecessary duplication of facilities at nearby shopping centres • Increased noise & air pollution will affect amenity & health of nearby residents • Many original concerns eg litter, abandoned trolleys, noise disturbance etc have not been addressed & instead shuffled off to a future report not disclosed • Devastation of local shopping strips by drawing trade away from Marrickville Rd, Enmore Rd & South King St

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