Marrickville failing to reach greenhouse target under Labor Mayor

Media release 10 February 2010

Marrickville Council is set to miss its 2010 greenhouse emissions reduction target by a whopping 4,444 tonnes, after Labor and the Independents last night failed to back the Greens’ motion to buy clean energy to power street lighting.

Council set a reduction target of 20% on 1997 levels, however, every year since 1997 emissions have risen. A report to Council concluded, that although energy efficiency measures and reduced the rate of emission growth, they had still increased to be a forecast 4,444 tonnes over the target. Purchasing green power for $267,000 would have enabled Council to meet its commitment.

“By failing to meet Council’s committed emissions reduction target, Labor are letting down the community and especially our children who will have to live with the consequences of climate change,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.

“The Greens believe Marrickville Council should be a leader on climate change and that it is vitally important that Council meet its committed reduction targets.

“While Council has worked to reduce emissions growth, we can’t get around the fact that our street lighting and facilities get electricity from coal-burning power stations.

“Using green power is more expensive, but coal-power has massive environmental and other costs that are not factored into its market price.

“Council should meet its target through powering a percentage of our street lighting with clean energy green power.

“Not only should we be using clean energy, but we should be building local renewable energy projects and making energy saving measures a top priority.

“Labor is failing the community and breaking an election commitment in rejecting my proposal to buy clean energy.

“Labor promised in an election leaflet ‘a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across all areas of council’, yet when it came to actually voting on that commitment, the Mayor and his colleagues flubbed it tonight.

“The Greens will continue to pursue the purchase of clean energy for Council’s power needs and hope that other Councillors will join our strong stance on climate change.

“We need long-term environmental vision and political will on Council, we have enough politicians are other levels of government avoiding the hard decisions and mouthing platitudes.”

Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916


  • fine you may have a point about council not having the foresight to back using a green energy source but into your argument you throw what I believe is the wind farm issue
    – separate issue to what the press release is about.The wind farm issue for me is one of a principle -politicans or beaurocrats cannot cast their eyes over community parkland and and decide they can rezone it and use it for their own political means.Irrespective if those poltical means are in the right place.One day it may not be.

  • marrickvillegreens

    Hi Kerry,

    Regarding the wind farm proposal, there are no plans to rezone park land. The proposal would be to install micro wind turbines along the embankment at Airport Drive. This would not interfere with any of the current uses of Tempe Reserve and would have a minimal impact on residents in Tempe.

    Council definitely needs to do consultation on whether Tempe is a good spot for a micro wind farm, however, that consultation should be done on the facts, not on rumours. This is why The Greens support getting a more concrete proposal so we can discuss it with the community with knowledge of the actual proposal rather than speculation.

    Clean energy generation is an important issue, and if we can make a contribution at Tempe (in a high profile position such as along Airport Drive)without adverse impacts on local residents or the environment, then Council and the community should consider the proposal seriously.

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