Greens vision for more trees in Marrickville

The Greens have launched a series of amendments to Marrickville Council’s current tree policy.

The amendments seek to increase the tree canopy for the Marrickville Council area, ensure the pla

nting of bigger trees, increase the planting of native trees, and ensure the removal of trees is only as a last resort.

You can read the full policy here.

The media release is below:

Greens vision for a green Marrickville

10 February 2010  Media Release

Greens councillors on Marrickville Council have released their vision for a greener municipality based on a thorough revision of the Council’s 1993 Street Tree policy.

“We’ve revised the existing policy with the aim of creating more environmentally friendly urban streets for the benefit of our inner city community. We hope other councillors will share our vision”, said Greens councillor, Cathy Peters.

“Having more street trees gives real amenity to the community by providing shade and natural beauty to our environment while combating the excesses of traffic, urban infrastructure and pollution. Councils are the first line of defence against the emerging effects of climate change and play a significant role in testing new approaches to water resources. More street trees will assist in both these challenges.”

“It’s important for Marrickville Council to upgrade its policy and to take some immediate steps to increase the tree canopy and to set targets and goals for tree planting in commercial, residential and industrial areas throughout the district.”

“Marrickville Council started a Tree Policy review over 5 years ago, but this stalled. The Greens think that a good policy for trees should not be difficult and we hope the community will see the sense in a clear simple document that delivers greener streets in the Marrickville Local Government Area.”

“If The Greens’ amendments to council’s Street Tree Policy are adopted it will result in more trees for Marrickville and more opportunities for planting larger and more endemic species in our streets.  It will also examine ways to improve disused urban spaces with bush pockets and other native plantings.”

“Marrickville needs a proactive street tree policy that will have a significant impact on the local environment within 5 years,” Clr Peters said.


Clr Cathy Peters – 0419444974

Clr Peter Olive – 0401719148

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