Marrickville Council condemns treatment of refugees

Media Release 23/05/10

At last Tuesday’s council meeting, Marrickville councillors unanimously condemned the Federal government’s treatment of refugees and asylum seekers and voted to write to their local federal Minister, Anthony Albanese and Immigration Minister, Chris Evans seeking the closure of all Australian detention centres.

“My motion to support the rights of refugees, to lift the freeze on visa processing of Tamils and Afgans and to close all offshore and mainland detention centres was passed by all councillors at the meeting which is an indication of the general sense of outrage in the community at the federal government’s actions, said Greens councillor Cathy Peters

“Marrickville is home to thousands of refugees from all cultures and

our community wants refugees and asylum seekers treated fairly according to international human rights law.

“We don’t want to see Christmas Island and the Curtin dentention centre used to exile innocent people as they wait months and years for a poor functioning bureaucracy to process their legitimate claims  for  asylum.

“The Rudd government’s treatment of refugees shows how cynical politicans will abuse human rights if their pollsters think it will boost

votes in an election year.  We saw it throughout the Howard years and then when leadership was promised with the ALP, we find only empty rhetoric masking similar reprehensible actions.

Enquiries:  Clr Cathy Peters


MINUTES :   Marrickville Council Ordinary Council meeting May 18, 2010


File Ref: 4056-06

Motion: (Peters / Phillips)

That Council:

a) make a contribution to World Refugee Week by displaying banners on the Petersham Town Hall and Newtown Neighbourhood Centre acknowledging the Council’s support

of refugees and promoting World Refugee Week and the Rally for World Refugee Day planned for Saturday June 26;

b) write to the Federal Minister for Immigration, Senator Chris Evans and also local MP Anthony Albanese, expressing Council’s concern at the freeze on visa applications for

Sri Lankan and Afghan refugees and asking for an immediate removal of this freeze in line with international human rights law; and

c) write to the Federal Minister for Immigration, Senator Chris Evans and also local MP Anthony Albanese, expressing Council’s concern at the reopening of the Curtin detention centre and asking that asylum seekers be housed in our communities while

awaiting visa and asylum applications and that Curtain and Christmas Island detention centres be closed immediately.

Motion Carried

For Motion: Councillors Byrne, Wright, Phillips, Peters, Olive, O’Sullivan and Kontellis

Against Motion: Nil

Absent: Councillors Macri and Hanna

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