Marrickville Hospital site – 6 star green future

23 May 2010

The Greens successfully moved for the development of the old Marrickville Hospital site to be six star environmentally sustainable and carbon neutral to ensure that Council lives up to its environmental credentials.

“The old Marrickville Hospital site development will be a significant development in a prominent location and should set a good example to the community,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips

“By moving for six star sustainability and carbon neutrality we are taking environmental leadership and will show case what is possible.

“Six star sustainability means water, energy use and other environmental impacts are minimised.  Solar panels, micro wind turbines and efficient co-generation can be integrated into the design.

“Although the initial monetary cost may be more, the environmental cost is minimised and in the long run, sustainable buildings save energy and water costs and are more pleasant and productive places to live and work.

“Melbourne City Council took a lead in its cutting edge ‘Council House 2’ building.

“With state and national governments failing to take action on climate change, it is important that councils don’t drop the ball too.

“Really the state government should phase in far greater environmental sustainability standards than the current BASIX levels.  Six star sustainability should be the norm, not the exception.”

Contact: Cr Max Phillips 0419 444 916

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