Greens oppose the expansion of the Marrickville Metro

The Greens are opposed to the expansion for the following reasons:

  • Increased traffic congestion and parking issues.
  • It will hurt local community shopping villages
  • Privatisation of community space
  • The Metro is not located near good public transport or a major arterial road
  • It is surrounded by residential areas
  • The Metro can renovate without doubling in size!

The state government has taken the decision on the Marrickville Metro expansion away from the local council under controversial Part 3A of the Planning Act.  Please lobby Carmel Tebbutt on this matter.  She is Deputy Premier of the NSW Labor Government.  She can stop this development if she really wanted.  She should stand up for local residents against the expansion of the Marrickville Metro, despite AMP donating over $256,000 to the NSW & Federal Labor Party in the past ten years. (source:

For more on the Greens position on the Marrickville Metro expansion click here.

To download the Greens leaflet on the Marrickville Metro expansion click here.

The community group opposing the expansion, Metro Watch have an excellent website:


  • Said this elsewhere, but:

    We’re a growing population. At this stage, for mall like stores people are already having to drive out of the area, so there is additional traffic and pollution. Perhaps rather than trying to stop it, we should be looking at how to make it more effective and sensitive to the area. So allowing for better public transport access so staff don’t need to drive there.
    I live in Newtown, and I go to the metro for very different items compared to what I by from street stores. I suspect the same is true for many others.
    As to the loss of trees, this should be minimised. New trees planted where appropriate to assist with the character of the area and the needs of local bird populations.
    The building design should be made to fit in as much as it is possible for a large structure to do so. Given however the nearby street or so are hideous commercial warehouses, it’d be hard to make it worse.
    So basically rather than a knee-jerk reaction, or self serving concern from those who bought right near a mall, we should argue to make it better, not to leave the metro as the dump that it is.

  • marrickvillegreens

    Hi Robert,

    No one is opposed to renovation of the Metro. What we are opposed to is the massive expansion planned.


    Cr Max Phillips

  • So are you for an expansion, but not of the size they are aiming for? Do you have a preferred size that you have suggested as an alternative?
    I’ve had a look at the proposed overall layout:

    The portion of Smidmore they are wanting to take over is surely used either as a loading dock entrance or for people getting into the car park. What substantial loss to the community could occur from that proposed change?
    Regarding the use of the extension of the metro onto the area beyond the street, can that not be seen as some sort of urban renewal? Even if it wasn’t used for the metro, surely at some point that area will be redeveloped or used more aggressively anyway?

    I can see concerns to do with more traffic in that particular area. Edinburgh road is pretty industrial around that area, but is more residential as you move closer to Victoria road.

    Perhaps some of this could be offset if there were minibuses or a loop bus route? Probably not going to help the Saturday morning crush, but is that avoidable?

    Thanks for the response Mr. Phillips.



    • marrickvillegreens

      Hi Robert,

      As a Councillor, I want to build up our community spaces, which is the traditional main streets. I’m against the expansion of a privatised soulless mega mall that will hurt our community hubs. Having a new main street on Smidmore Street, owned by a private corporation, and away from all other infrastructure in the middle of a residential/industrial area, does not make any sense from an urban planning perspective. Even malls like Broadway are connected to main streets such as Glebe Point Road and Broadway/Parramatta Road. The Marrickville Metro is NOT in a commercial district and should never have been built there. Unfortunately, it is there, but that doesn’t mean we should repeat former errors by expanding the shopping mall.

      As I said before, no one is against AMP renovating the centre at its present size. We are against expansion of the centre’s size.

      Max Phillips

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