Council moves to put new park on Hospital Site, Marrickville

Media Release       16 December 2010

At Tuesday’s Marrickville Council meeting Greens Mayor, Fiona Byrne, moved to include a new park as part of Council’s plan to build a new library. The proposal was supported by Independent Dimitri Thanos but was opposed by the Labor Councillors and Independents Morris Hanna and Victor Macri.

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“Council needs to redevelop the Marrickville Hospital site. We want to build a new Library and the Greens think that a park and public outdoor space should definitely be part of the mix,” Marrickville’s Green Mayor, Fiona Byrne, said.

“Marrickville has one of the lowest areas of parkland in Australia at just 1.6ha per thousand people, whereas the accepted standard is 2.83ha per thousand and I think the community would appreciate and benefit from public open space so close to the centre of Marrickville.

“It would be absolutely wonderful for visitors to the library to also be able to enjoy a new park adjoining its forecourt, especially for parents with young children.

“The Greens know this is a very important site and we are determined to get the mix right. As well as a library and a park we’re investigating using other parts of the site for residential, community and commercial spaces.”

“The zoning provisions in the new Marrickville Local Environment Plan allow for an eight and nine storey building on the corner of Marrickville and Livingstone Roads. The Greens think this would be an overdevelopment of the site and that a park and community space on this corner, leading to the library, is a much better outcome for the community.

“I’m hopeful that despite their initial opposition the Labor and Independent Councillors will come to recognise that a park would compliment the library and be a real asset for the community.”

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  • Yes! A park on that site would be wonderful, especially next to a new library. Thank you for proposing this and opposing over-development.

  • yep a park next to the library is a wonderful idea.Please keep improving marrickville -as a place where people can live not just exsist.

  • It’ll be lovely to look out from that big glass wall on to washing lines, balconies and tree-less terraces. Foolish Greens, it is impossible to combine books and the outdoors!

    Parks are awesome. 9 story apartment blocks instead of parks are not awesome.

  • Park, park, park!!!! Please give us a park….with those fabulous shade structures over the play equipment and a BBQ or two. Lets ‘green’ Marrickville.

  • Somewhere in between would be ideal. When done right, density can be beautiful and goes hand-in-hand with sustainability (see: the 5-storey Haussman apartments forming Paris’s dense core, or conversely, the food growing land being consumed by ugly low-density sprawl in western Sydney).

    9 storeys seems a bit much in any case, but 4-6 doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

    The plan should include public park space, but it would need to be planned with serious purpose and context – an alluring public space that enhances its surroundings, not simply a patch of green for the sake of it. The elegant Pirrama Park in Pyrmont (on the old water police site) is a great example.

  • Clr Peter Olive (The Greens)

    Hi Stephen, I agree with you about Baron Haussman and the Greens certainly want to increase the residential capacity of the site. There is an existing 8 story building on the site. We would consider replacing it with a building of the same height. And the “old boiler room” precinct could also acheive greater heights. The Library building itself is proposed to be 3500m2, which would need to be managed so as to reduce the impact of its daily operations. A park that is well landscaped and thoughtfully integrated into this kind of suite should provide appropriate density and public utility.

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