Footbridge petition has over 250 signatures – Sign on now!

The Marrickville Greens Councillors are campaigning to get better, safer crossings of the Cooks River,  especially along the western side of Unwins Bridge, near Tempe Station. Over 250 local residents have already signed the online petition. Add your name by clicking on the petition address, and following the prompts.

Footbridge Petition Distribution Map

The distribution map shows the number of people from each suburb who have signed the petition.

A great location to have another pedestrian crossing of the Cooks River


Unwins Bridge is the heavily trafficked bridge near Tempe Station that links Richardsons Crescent with Bayview St. The current pedestrian crossing arrangements are inconvenient and dangerous.

One comment

  • We normally drive to the other side of the river with our dogs because the crossing of the road bridges freaks them out. I’ve always loved the river bridges they have in Hurlstone Park and it would be ideal to have a new bridge between the Illawarra Road bridge and the Tempe station bridge. I know I would use it all the time.

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