The Greens and the local community are calling on the incoming Planning Minister to live up to their words and reject the Part 3A application for the Marrickville Metro expansion.

The Marrickville Metro expansion will have an adverse affect on local traffic, local residents, and will threaten the viability of the much loved local shopping strips on South King St, Enmore Road and Marrickville Road.

Background information on the Marrickville Metro expansion

Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“The Coalition have said they will repeal Part 3A and are committed to community consultation in the planning  process. The Marrickville Metro expansion is a perfect test case for whether Barry O’Farrell and the Coalition actually mean what they say,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Greens candidate for Marrickvickville Fiona Byrne said:

“The only reason the expansion of Marrickville Metro hasn’t been shelved already is that AMP Capitol have sidestepped local Council and the community to directly petition the Minister for Planning,” Ms Byrne said.

“AMP Capital have been a major contributor to NSW Labor, donating $265,000 over the past 10 years.

“Part 3A was supposed to be used for “state significant developments”. I fail to see how doubling the size of a local shopping centre can be considered a state significant issue.

“Where Part3A should have been used for key infrastructure and utilities, Tony Kelly has used it to delivered massive profits for developers at the expense of local communities and the environment.

“The community are rightly angry about Part 3A, and Labor’s policy of developer greed over community need. The Greens have stood side by side with the community from day one on this issue,” Ms Byrne said.

“The Greens and the community have called on local member Carmel Tebbutt to stand up and oppose the unwanted Marrickville Metro development. But all we’ve seen is the ongoing pretense of “consultation”.

“The Liberal Party says they will abolish Part 3A, but they haven’t said when, or what they’ll replace it with. The only promise from the Coalition is an 18 month review, in which time all Part 3A development applications, like the Marrickville Metro, will be still on the table.

“If elected I will petition the incoming Minister for Planning to reject the Part 3A development proposal and return the decision to Marrickville Council and the local community, something which Carmel Tebbutt has failed to do.

“Carmel Tebbutt has prioritised developers over the community, and the people of the Inner West still have the unwanted Marrickville Metro hanging over them as a result,” Ms Byrne said.



  • Have the liberals said they will abolish Part 3A? I heard them say they want a review of the state planning system if they with the election, but that’s a long way from a commitment to ditching part 3a.

    • marrickvillegreens

      The Liberals previously said they’d abolish Part 3A. The question is what they will replace it with? We need Greens in State Parliament to ensure that reforms happen to the planning system include better community consultation and input, returning power to democratically elected local councils, not just streamlining the process for big developers.

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