Dirty tricks taint Marrickville election

The seat of Marrickville went down to the wire, with Labor’s Carmel Tebbutt winning re-election with a gap of just 632 votes over Greens candidate Fiona Byrne.  The two-party preferred vote is 50.9% to 49.1%, making the seat of Marrickville an ‘ultra-marginal’.

Unknown people place an illegal poster over the Greens poster in Marrickville at 3am

Unfortunately the election campaign was one of the dirtiest on record, with wide-spread push polling, attack posters, nasty stickers accusing the Greens of ‘hating gays’ and ‘supporting terror’, and anonymous (illegal under the Electoral Act) leaflets making outrageous claims about Greens policies left on many car’s windscreens in the dead of night.

Under the NSW Electoral Act, all electoral material (seeking to influence how people vote), must be authorised by a real person at a real street address (not PO Box), and with a printers address.

At 3am on Friday morning before election day, these people were caught putting up illegal material.  The police are currently investigating.  They are believe to have come from Southern Sydney to push their dirty anonymous politics on Marrickville voters.  Please let us know if you who these people are.

Do you know these people?  If so, please contact us or Marrickville police.

Do you know these people? If so, please contact us or Marrickville police.

Why is he hiding his face?

Illegal posters erected outside a polling booth in Park St Marrickville

The walk of shame

Hiding in the car

Do you know this person? He's braver than his comrades, but he is erecting posters which are illegal under the NSW Electoral Act as not properly authorised. What a douche!

No authorisation and absolute rubbish!





  • Reckon it’d be worth turning up incognito to a few branch meetings as someone interested in joining the ALP.

  • This really needs to be investigated. The crap that has been spun on those sheets and posters is utter garbage. With the slimy attacks on Greens from News Ltd I would like to think the Greens are going to do something about this and follow it up?

    • marrickvillegreens

      The police are investigating the many incidents that happened prior to election day. I’ll update when we hear more.

  • Defamation and Vilification. It is spiting hairs but I think that is Libel rather than Slander but is definitely illegal as there is no truth in it.
    Personal I think you could choose to purse these people and hold them accountable.

  • wow. i hope the cops have these images.

  • Yeah as much as News Ltd and the right wingers wanted Green blood I think its time the Greens stood up for themselves and finally gave as much as they are copping.

  • And no one from the Greens was involved in the “KEEP VERITY OUT” defamations over in Balmain, I’m sure…

  • Greens are only interested in clean politics. They wouldnt be stooping as low as these people above.

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