Marrickville Budget puts works on the ground

29 June 2011 – media release

Marrickville Council’s 2011-12 budget will see works on the ground fast-tracked with funds ear-marked for increased bicycle parking infrastructure, the upgrade of Marrickville Station precinct, grants for community gardens and verge planting and tree planting, new filtered water fountains in Marrickville and Enmore, and the renovation of Petersham Pool.

“This budget is about getting tangible work on the ground to improve the local neighborhood and improve environmental sustainability,” said Greens Mayor Fiona Byrne.

“Council is continuing its many great programs to cater for our diverse community through aged care services, child care services, continuing the improvement of the Cooks River, improving our foot paths, civic areas and much more.”

“Works will commence to renovate Petersham Pool after the summer swimming season.

“The cycling boom in the Inner West will be catered for with new bicycle parking built at train stations and shopping strips.

“Filtered water fountains will be rolled out in Marrickville and Enmore after a successful trial in Newtown.

“More street trees will be planted to improve streetscapes and increase the canopy of the Inner West.

“Grants will be available to citizens to help establish community gardens, verge planting and bush pockets.

“Council will also look into partitioning sports field lights so that lighting can be used sustainably, saving electricity and reducing carbon emissions.

“There will be big challenges ahead, especially the redevelopment of a new library on the Marrickville Hospital site. This budget will set us up to undertake this important work.”

“Council committed $240,000 to fighting graffiti and diverting young people into more constructive activities.” said Mayor Byrne.


  • How About spending more money on street cleaning in the St Peters area up near the princess hwy grove st, sutherland st, fredrick st and beyond.

  • How about graffittioff our walls ? Is it fair trade to cut the budget at the last minute.

    • marrickvillegreens

      The graffiti budget has already been substantially increased during this Council term. The Greens want to see improvements that will serve the community a long time.

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