Marrickville Council moves to prohibit coal seam gas at St Peters

Marrickville Greens – media release

9 May 2012
At last night’s Marrickville Council development meeting Greens Councillor Max Phillips moved an additional condition of consent that prohibits coal seam gas exploration and extraction for the Dial-A-Dump site at St Peters, where Dart Energy has controversial plans to drill for coal seam gas.  The additional condition was supported unanimously by the elected council.

The additional condition of consent reads:

That mining or gas exploration or extraction activities be prohibited on the site, due to the proximity to residences, the safety and health risks associated with gas extraction, and the uncertainty over the effect of coal seam gas extraction on the local environment and aquifers, and the potential to further contaminate the land

“This sends a strong signal to both the land holder and Dart Energy that Marrickville Council is united in its opposition to coal seam gas in the Inner West,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.

“Dial-A-Dump should rip up its landholder agreement with Dart Energy.  Its now crystal clear that the community and council do not want gas exploration or extraction at St Peters.

“The State Government should cancel the exploration licence that covers the Sydney Metropolitan Area.  No part of Sydney should become a dangerous coal seam gas field,” he said.

Contact:  Cr Max Phillips: 0419 444 916

Update: It has now been revealed that neither Dart Energy nor the gas exploration companies that held the licence for St Peters have ever negotiated a land access agreement with the Dial-A-Dump company that owns the land where they planned to drill for gas!  More at


  • brilliant news, thanks so much to Max and all the Marrickville Councillors for making a brave decisive motion like this. i hope all other councils follow suit. we have to beat the frackers!

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  • But the fight is not over as there is still a State government approval to drill for CSG at the St Peters and Dart Energy’s announcement doesn’t stop other miners drilling for gas there.
    Also Dart Energy says they have not ruled out exploring for CSG in Alexandria or Tempe, or Rosebery… and are looking at other sites across the Sydney basin.
    Dart Energy still have a permit to explore for gas across 2300sq km of the Sydney basin and the O’Farrell govt should cancel this.
    CSG is not safe and a huge threat to our state, to our agricultural land, the Pilliga State Forest, our water…

  • christine russe

    Good on you marrickville council,7000 in rally at Lismore,local is directing musical,csg the musical last weekend in june

  • A major coal seam gas drilling accident occurred on a heritage listed site in Tempe and is being covered up by the international corp responsible along with a State Gov department that is aware of it. The frack out occurred some months ago and I am lead to believe remains an uncontained problem.

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