Greens Develop Plan for Affordable Housing in Marrickville

Mehreen Faruqi, Cr Irene Doutney, Senator Scott Ludlam, and Marrickville Council candidate Sylvie Ellsmore

The Greens have signalled affordable housing will be a key priority for their next term on Marrickville Council, after recent census data confirmed many long-term residents and essential workers are struggling to afford to stay in the inner-west.

“As a long term renter I understand just how hard it is for even those on moderate incomes to make ends meet in the inner-west,” said Marrickville Council candidate Sylvie Ellsmore.

“We have been working with neighbouring councils and affordable housing providers to develop practical models we can apply here in Marrickville,” said Ms Ellsmore.

“There are some great success stories out there. Today we joined Greens Lord Mayoral Candidate Irene Doutney and Greens Senator Scott Ludlum for a tour of the site of a successful City of Sydney affordable housing project.”

“The redevelopment of the old South Sydney Hospital site in Zetland – led by Greens City of Sydney Councillor Irene Doutney – is an example of just what can be achieved when councils work with local housing providers” Ms Ellsmore said.

“With the redevelopment of the our own old hospital site in Marrickville we have a great opportunity to significantly increase our stock of affordable housing by learning from successful models elsewhere.”

“We are committed to making sure people who grew up here, who have their social networks here, and who work in our community, can afford to live here. That’s an essential part of being an inclusive, diverse and vibrant community.”

Over 100 units of affordable housing are planned for the old South Sydney Hospital sites. The housing will be run by non-for-profit community housing provider City West, and will target those on low and middle incomes who work or have family in the area.

Recent census data has confirmed a rapid increase in rents and mortgage costs. Rents in Marrickville have increased by nearly 50% in the last five years.

Contact: Marrickville Greens Lead North Ward Candidate, Sylvie Ellsmore 0403 977 213

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