Greens Call on Candidates to Put Extremist Last

Greens Multiculturalism spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has called on candidates running for North Ward in Marrickville Council to place the independent group led by Sergio Redegalli last on their how to vote cards.

Mr Redegalli is well known as the artist responsible for the ‘No Burqas’ mural and is associated with the far-right Australian Protectionist Party.

An article about xenophobic and racist candidates running in the Local Council elections which was published in today’s Sydney Morning Herald mentioned Mr Redegalli but did not formally identify his connections to the Australian Protectionist Party.

“Just as all mainstream parties agreed to place One Nation last in the late 1990s in the context of growing racial tensions, so we feel it is important to take a similar stance now” Ms Faehrmann said.

“We respect the right of all candidates to stand for election. But this only makes it more important that we take a united stand to ensure radically racist views are not left unchallenged.”

“The Australian Protectionist Party explicitly calls for a racially discriminatory immigration policy. Their policy statement calls to “End Third World immigration and Muslim immigration”, and equates multiculturalism with genocide.”

“We are calling on the Labor and Liberal parties to make a clear statement that racist positions like those taken by the Australian Protectionist Party are not acceptable.”

“This is an important test for our political community and we hope other parties will stand with us to ensure Marrickville remains open and tolerant – celebrating our multiculturalism”Ms Faehrmann said.

The Greens will be releasing their full how to vote cards next week. Voting is optional preferential and voters decide their own preferences, how to votes only provide recommendations.

For further information about Mr Redegalli and the Australian Protectionist Party see Policy positions of the Australian Protectionist Party are available at:

More information: Cate Faehrmann MLC 0412 207 043

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