Greens and inner west residents to fight O’Farrell’s motorway plan

The Marrickville Council Greens campaign has called on the State government to abandon its plans to revive a motorway through Tempe and Marrickville. A leaked draft of the State government’s Transport Master Plan, exposed in the Sydney Morning Herald, has revealed the Liberals’ plan to carve motorways through Tempe and Marrickville (“Motorways at heart of master plan”, SMH today

Starting in Tempe the proposed Motorway would cut through four local government areas including Marrickville, Sydney, Rockdale and Sutherland.

“The O’Farrell government, with its revived plans for new motorways through our area, will face a tough campaign from local residents who forced similar plans to be shelved in 2010. The Greens will make fighting these motorways, hand in hand with the community, a priority,” said Greens candidate for Marrickville Council South Ward David Leary.

“I previously called on the state government either to confirm it has no plans to build a motorway through Tempe or be honest with the local community and let them know what they are planning. Now the Liberal plan for Tempe and Marrickville has been outed the community will no doubt stand up to this government and its obsession with motorways” said Dr Leary

“The local community of Tempe and Marrickville do not want motorways destroying their homes and their neighbourhoods and now is the time to send a strong message to the Liberals that this is not on” said Dr Leary

“The people of Marrickville now know the O’Farrell Government is going to continue the failed Labor government’s romance with motorways. The Greens are ready to once again campaign against the Motorways with the residents of Tempe and St Peters.” Said David Leary

In 2010 the then Labor State government was forced to drop plans for the M5 east expansion through Tempe after intense community opposition. The plans as they stood two years ago would have involved the construction of a new four lane elevated motorway running from the exit of the existing M5 tunnel through Tempe and ending near Sydney Park in Alexandria.

The RTA spent more than $15 million on its initial feasibility study for the motorway before it was mothballed by then Labor Roads Minister David Campbell in the lead up to the State election.

Contact: Dr David Leary 045 865 4423

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