Fact Sheet on funding the new Library

In the lead up to the Marrickville Council the Labor Party has distributed leaflets that aim to mislead and scare the community about the Greens position on funding the new Marrickville Library.

The facts are:

  • The Greens do not support an $800 rate rise for Marrickville.
  • The Greens do not support a 6.72% rate rise for Marrickville.
  • The Greens did not vote for a Library rate rise.
  • The Greens want a quality library for Marrickville.
  • The Greens want a new park as part of the project.
  • The Greens do not want a 9 storey building on the corner of Marrickville and Livingstone Roads.
  • The Greens, along with Labor and Independent Councillors, supported full community consultation on a rate rise.
  • The Greens want a Library that also functions as a community hub.
  • The Greens support a range of funding options for the library such as revenue from the development of the remainder of the old Marrickville hospital site, s94 developer levies, Council’s property reserve, and state government grants to fund the library project.
  • The Greens want to include the refurbishment and reuse of the historic Marrickville Hospital building as part of this project.
  • The quotations used by Labor are taken out of context and during a debate about consultation – a motion that all Labor and Independent Councillors voted for.

Misleading material has said that residents would pay $800 a year extra in rates as a result of a 6.72% rise. This is absurd!  At that rate a property currently paying $1,500 would pay an extra $100.80 per year.  The average rate payer would pay around $52 per year. In order to pay an extra $800 a year your current rates would need to be $11,900. Even with Marrickville‘s increased property prices these figures are ridiculous and designed to mislead and scare voters.

Regardless, the Greens DO NOT support a 6.72% rate rise.

Marrickville Council has also put out a new fact sheet to correct the record

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