10 Reasons to Vote 1 The Greens on 8 September in Marrickville

1. The Greens go beyond the basics

The Greens understand that people expect more from local government than rates, roads and rubbish. Good local councils are key local employers who provide important services like child care facilities, major community infrastructure, open spaces and sporting fields.

2. A vibrant and inclusive community

The Greens know that council has a vital role to play in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. That’s why we are proposing community infrastructure like a community hub and library; new services like free-wifi; and new events, like ‘made in Marrickville’ and night noodle markets. It’s all part of our positive vision for Marrickville.

3. Keep out the right-wing independents and the Liberal party

The ongoing success of the Greens in our progressive local community is seeing an unprecedented push by the Liberal Party and right wing nationalists like Sergio Redegalli run against the Greens. We’re a progressive community, so it’s important people know who they are voting for.

4. A positive vision, not a scare campaign

We have proposed a positive vision of new infrastructure, services and events. Instead of engaging in a debate on the issues, other candidates have run an Abbott-style scare campaign. Leaflets claiming the Greens support an $800 rate rise are just plain wrong. What’s worse, those running the scare campaign know it. We have ruled out a 6.72% rate rise – which would only have been $50 a year.

5. The Greens deliver key public infrastructure

It was Greens leadership and vision on Marrickville Council which has delivered the success story that is the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre. With the pool now turning a profit, we can invest in more top notch community infrastructure, like a much needed new Marrickville Library.

6. No Coal Seam Gas in St Peters

Only the Greens have opposed CSG from the start. We have worked with the community to highlight the issue and put pressure on Labor and Coalition state governments to say no to CSG in St Peters. We are the only ones on Council to back the community campaign for a poll on CSG.

7. The Greens stand up for our principles, not just what’s easy

Whether it’s protecting the environment, introducing universal dental care, opposing the war in Iraq or advocating for refugees to be treated humanely, the Greens are driven by values, not polls.

8. The Greens get results

The Greens have had continuous representation on Marrickville Council for over twenty years. In that time we’ve been instrumental in providing key services to the local community. The Australian Greens have just secured crucial public funding for dental care, and in Marrickville we’ve delivered more bike paths, increased funding to child care services and upgrades to sports grounds.

9. Greens are for community, not corporate profits

The old parties have deep pockets from corporate donations, and were funded by the big alcohol, big tobacco and property developers before Greens-led campaigns stopped them. The Greens for Marrickville Council campaign has been built entirely on grassroots activism and initiative. We counter corporate funding with people power.

10. The Greens are about policy not politics

This election has highlighted that the Greens stand for policies based on sustainability, service delivery and making Marrickville liveable and affordable. We have made several policy announcements over the course of this campaign. We offer a vision, not a scare campaign.


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