Council Election a Referendum on Coal Seam Gas

Greens candidate for Marrickville Council South Ward-Magura, Dr David Leary has called on voters to make the council election on 8th September a referendum on Coal Seam Gas.

“Coal seam gas mining is just plain dumb- and proposals to mine in residential areas like Dart Energy’s proposal to mine in St Peters is simply dumber than dumb” said Dr Leary.

At a recent Marrickville Council meeting, Marrickville ALP and conservative Independent councillor Morris Hanna voted against a Greens motion to hold a poll on Coal Seam Gas mining at the Council elections.

“A referendum would have given a clear indication to Dart Energy and the state government that the community of Marrickville have not granted coal seam gas a social licence to operate” stated Dr Leary.

“Even though the local community has been deprived of a referendum on coal seam gas, voters can still send a strong message against coal seam gas by voting for the Greens in the Marrickville Council election on 8th September” said David Leary

“Labor approved the mining licence for Dart energy in St Peters, and the Liberals continue to refuse to revoke that licence. Only the Greens have consistently opposed coal seam gas mining and worked closely with the local community to push for Dart energy’s licence to be revoked” noted Dr Leary.

Despite the ongoing concerns of residents faced with a potential gas mining site in St. Peters, ALP and conservative independent councillors such as the Mayor Morris Hanna did not see the sense in council conducting a poll which would have, in all likelihood, shown how huge the opposition to CSG mining is in Marrickville.

“This election local residents should make their voice heard on coal seam gas” said Dr Leary

St Peters is the first urban coal seam gas drill site in Australia. It is seven kilometres from the CBD, and right next to schools, pre-schools and homes. Despite repeated requests to the State government Dart energy’s licence is yet to be revoked.

Contact: David Leary 045 865 4423

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