St Peters spells out No CSG for Sydney!

Local Greens politicians and members joined thousands of local residents to spell out Stop Coal Seam Gas in Sydney Park, St Peters, on Saturday 13 October.

The action was the start of Lock the Gate’s national week of action against coal and coal seam gas.The week of action was organised to highlight the determination of local communities and the 160 affiliated local groups which are part of the Lock the Gate Alliance to prevent the spread of dangerous coal seam gas mining.

Human Sign in Sydney Park, St Peters, Saturday 13 October 2012

In St Peters, No CSG Sydney and local activists have campaigned successfully to prevent Dart Energy from exploratory drilling. However, while Dart Energy has advised that it currently has no longer has plans to drill in St Peters, the State Liberal Government has refused to revoke the company’s licence, leaving the community uncertain.

To join No CSG Sydney and follow the local campaign visit

Follow the national campaign by the Local the Gate Alliance at

To order No CSG campaign materials from the Greens contact the Office of Jeremy Buckingham MLC, Greens Mining Spokesperson, at

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