Marrickville Council goes weak on motorway under under Labor-Liberal Alliance

The Greens on Marrickville Council have today criticised Mayor of Marrickville Victor Macri and the Labor-Liberal alliance for going weak on opposition to the proposed WestConnex motorway and tunnel through Marrickville.

A heated debate at Marrickville Council last night rejected a motion brought by the Greens to oppose the motorway and hold a public meeting, instead voting to form a taskforce to gather information.

“In the past, Councillors from all political persuasions have campaigned strongly against plans to build major new motorways through the heart of our communities,” said Greens Councillor David Leary, who moved the motion at last night’s meeting.

“It’s disappointing that under the new Labor-Liberal alliance controlling Marrickville Council, Council has weakened its stance with the majority voting against opposition to the motorway and for a wishy-washy response.

“The Greens will stand strongly against the motorway proposal which will slice through the Tempe playing fields and wetlands, dump thousands of cars in the Inner West, create  multiple exhaust stacks spewing poisonous car fumes into our neighbourhoods and take funds away from public transport.

“It’s important for Council to stand up for local residents right from the beginning, rather than wait for official consultation to start when it will be too late to change course.

“The Labor Party and the Mayor were given a clear opportunity to show their opposition to the motorway last night and support growing community calls to can it, but chose not to. You have to wonder why?” said Councillor Leary.

“In a fine display of ‘Yes Minister’ style politics, Mayor Macri and the Labor party voted instead to call on the State government to establish yet another “Taskforce” of senior Bureaucrats to consult with the community before the motorway is built.

The proposed WestConnex motorway project involves the construction of a motorway tunnel, slot and surface road under the Marrickville Local Government Area via Camperdown to St Peters and a surface motorway from St Peters through Tempe connecting to Sydney Airport. This motorway and tunnel system will link up with similar development along Parramatta road and the duplication of the M5 East.

Media contact: Clr David Leary 0409 421 323



  • I read the council minutes and you voted for the motion as well so does that make the alliance a Green Liberal Labor Team? Need to state the facts and not lie

    • marrickvillegreens

      Mayor Macri, with Labor and Liberal support, moved his last minute Mayoral Minute to stop the substantive motion opposing the motorway from even being debated! There was a heated debate about using process to avoid having a discussion and avoid a vote on the substantive motion of opposition to the motorway. Unfortunately that is not reflected in the minutes, but you can ask any member of the public who was in the gallery about what happened.

      Make no mistake, it is clear that the only Councillors committed to opposing the motorway madness are the four Greens and Councillor Morris Hanna. Labor, Liberal and Macri are wishy washy on the issue. They even voted against having a public meeting to discuss it.

      On the final vote, we voted for the motion – but that doesn’t mean we didn’t argue for and try to vote for something much much stronger.

      Cr Max Phillips

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