Marrickville’s street trees spared the chainsaw

A great result for Marrickville’s street trees last night. Council did not adopt the recommendation and instead resolved unanimously to adopt the resolution below.

The Stanmore lemon scented gum

“The Greens are very pleased that Council has backed away from making prioritising concrete over street trees,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.
“A packed public gallery and large number of speakers, as well as the large volume of emails Councillors received is an indication of the high level of community concern with the proposal to remove so many trees and make concrete king.
“For the time being mass tree removal has been frozen on the agenda while Marrickville Council commissions a ‘Street Tree Management Plan’.  This plan should take a more holistic and balanced approach to street trees seeing them as valuable assets, not just potential liabilities.
“The Greens encourage the community to get involved in formulating this plan so that it is clear to Council that residents want to keep our larger trees, native trees and want to increase our canopy.”
C1112(2) Item 6                  Tree Management – Inventory, Master Plan and Policy Framework
Public speakers:                  Kate Watts, Fiona MacColl, Jacqueline Yetzotis, Eva Johnstone, Adrienne Shilling, Louise Steer, John Butcher, Helayne Short, Vicki Panagopoulos, Rosamund Dallow-Smith and Christine Hay
Motion:               (Tsardoulias/Haylen)
THAT Council:
1.                     receive and note the report;
2.                     refers the report to the Environment Committee;
3.        provide a capital budget of $170,000 in 2013/14 for street tree removal and replacement;
4.        where capital renewal reconstruction works are undertaken and conflict exists between a street tree and infrastructure, the guidelines outlined in the ‘Urban Forest Strategy’ should be followed;
5.        advise and clearly enunciate any changes to the policies and controls governing tree management within the Marrickville Local Government Area;
6.        Council staff look at other paving options including porous flexible paving and that staff stop using asphalt for reconstruction of pavements; 
7.        Council staff look at options to increase the number of verge gardens and sustainable gardens;
8.        Consult with the residents of the streets affected; and
9.        defers any non-urgent actions arising from the report until the Street Tree Master Plan is completed and adopted and a thorough community consultation is completed.
Motion Carried
For Motion:                         Councillors Brooks, Ellsmore, Hanna, Haylen, Iskandar, Leary, Macri, Phillips, Tsardoulias, Tyler and Woods
Against Motion:                 Nil

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