Labor-Liberal Alliance Opens the Door for Higher Building and High Rise Apartments

The Liberal Councillor Rosana Tyler and Labor councillors on Marrickville council appear to support taller buildings in residential areas, including high rise apartments the Greens have claimed today.

At last week’s Council meeting Liberal Councillor Rosana Tyler and the Labor Party combined to vote to increase height restrictions on buildings across the entire Marrickville local government area.

“This change now means developers can whack on an extra floor on every development across our community” said Greens Councillor David Leary.

Recent development applications to Council had challenged the existing controls of roof top structures which were part of council’s controls relating to building heights. The Land and Environment Court had also recently suggested that these restrictions may be vulnerable to challenge.

“Council staff put forward some sensible amendments to planning controls that would have confirmed existing building heights, removed uncertainty and the possibly of developers challenging these reasonable restrictions” Clr Leary said.

“Instead of supporting the advice from staff to maintain the status quo and restrict building heights to current levels, the Liberals and Labor supported amendments that will allow an extra storey on every building” said Clr Leary.

In related changes to local planning controls Councillor Tyler and all Labor Councillors also voted in favour of removing all height restrictions on several sites across Marrickville.

“As a Councillor for South Ward-Magura I am especially concerned to see that high rise apartment buildings may now be possible on the Princes Highway at St Peters following these changes endorsed by the new Liberal-Labor alliance which controls Marrickville Council” noted Clr Leary.

Changes to the Local Environmental Plan approved by council removed height controls on sites at Nos 31, 41-45 and 129 Princes Highway St Peters and 221-235 & 244 Stanmore Road, Stanmore. Building heights on these sites are now unrestricted.

All Greens councillors voted against these changes.

Media contact: Clr David Leary 0409 421 323

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