Big win on coal seam gas

Mayor of Marrickville, Fiona Byrne addresses the No Gas rally in St Peters


The Greens have renewed calls for the State government to revoke Dart Energy’s Coal Seam Gas mining licence in St Peters. These calls follow the announcement of a ban on coal seam gas mining within 2 kilometres of residential areas announced by the State government this week.

“Granting a licence for coal seam gas mining in the residential area of St Peter’s was a reckless and irresponsible act of the former Labor government. Exploration and mining within metres of people’s homes should never have been allowed” commented Greens Councillor David Leary who represents St Peters on Marrickville Council.

“If the ban on mining within 2 kilometres of residential area announced today is fair dinkum then the State government should immediately move to revoke the St Peter’s licence. There is no reason why the licence issued to Dart Energy should remain in force” said Councillor Leary.

In May 2011 Dart Energy announced it would start drilling at St Peters in September-October that year. But after a concerted campaign by local residents, the Greens, and other environmental groups the company subsequently announced it had put plans to drill at St Peters on hold.

Despite Dart Energy’s announcement local residents were still concerned that the licence issued to Dart Energy remained in place and have been campaigning for it to be revoked.

“Today the long, hard fought campaign by the Greens and local activists has paid dividends with the O’Farrell Government backing down on plans for coal seam gas in suburban areas. To make that back down complete the St Peter’s licence should also now be revoked” said Clr Leary.

Turning dense residential areas into a gas field is obviously problematic. Inner West residents are concerned about safety risks posed by coal seam gas operations and as well as associated pollution of the air and underground water. Elsewhere in the state pock-marking productive agriculture land with gas infrastructure and threatening precious water resources is also a major concern.

Media contact: Greens Councillor Clr David Leary 0409 421 323

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