Roads Minister rejects inner west mayors call for Westconnex taskforce


Answers to Questions on Notice to be tabled at the Marrickville Council meeting this week reveal that the Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay has rejected Inner West Mayors calls for the establishment of a WestConnex Taskforce, the Greens have claimed today.

“Last October Marrickville Mayor Macri and Leichhardt Labor Mayor Darcy Byrne put forward identically worded Mayoral minutes to each council calling for the establishment of a WestConnex Taskforce”.

“Instead of adopting the tough stance of opposing WestConnex proposed by the Greens, both Mayors with the support of their Labor-Liberal alliances on Council pushed for the do nothing option of creating a WestConnex TaskForce” noted Greens Councillor David Leary

“In the finest tradition of do nothing “Yes Minister” politics Mayor Macri and Mayor Byrne pushed for the WestConnex Task Force to be created to pretend to be doing something about WestConnex, but really this was a way of hiding the fact they have no clear policy on how to react to this motorway” stated Clr Leary

In a letter dated 4 February 2013 to be tabled at this Tuesdays Marrickville Council meeting the Minister for Roads has rejected calls for the creation of a WestConnex Taskforce, opting instead for some form of “round table forum with representatives from Council’s along the WestConnex route” to be held at an unspecified date in the future.

“The Minister for Roads’ response has vindicated the Greens argument that the State Government is simply not interested in meaningfully consulting with residents on solutions to the massive infrastructure backlog facing the state. If they were, they would be proposing to fix our broken public transport system instead of building a motorway through our community. All Councillors should be standing up for local residents instead of equivocating on this issue” said Councillor Leary

Two weeks ago Marrickville Council formally voted in favour of a Greens motion to oppose the WestConnex motorway. Mayor Macri, and Labor and Liberal Councillors voted against that notice of motion. The motion passed because three ALP councillors were absent from the meeting.

Media contact: Greens Clr David Leary 0409 421 323

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