Free wifi in parks a step closer

In 2011 the Greens on Council moved for an investigation into free wi-fi internet services in major recreational parks. This week a report was finally brought back by Council, which identified one high cost option  for a trial in parks.

The Greens are committed to a low cost, environmentally friendly trial, and successfully moved the following alternative motion:

19 February 2013 Council meeting – Item 8 Deployment of Wi-fi Internet at Council’s Main Parks Feasibility Report

1. That the report be received and noted.

2. That a further report be urgently provided to Council with options for a low-cost trial of 5-8 wireless internet ‘hot spots’, similar to the trial currently being implemented in an adjoining Council, for Council’s consideration and funding in the coming financial year.

3. That the trial sites investigated include one or more of each of the following:

  • parks in an around major Council infrastructure – for example in and around pools located in public parks;
  • sections of parks which are known to have the highest density of visitors, for example Camperdown Memorial Rest Park;
  • squares or public spaces around Council buildings where Council is seeking to encourage greater resident use, including places identified by the Marrickville Council Public Domain Study;
  • one main street (following consultation and support from relevant local businesses which may be effected); and
  • Newtown Square and the Newtown Art Seat, or another suitable Council supported public art project;

4. That the report investigate, in relation to the trial sites:

  • cost savings from appropriately capped download speeds;
  • very low or no cost options with private providers; and
  • low cost, environmental friendly technology options including solar powered equipment.

5.  That consultation be undertaken with other local Councils as appropriate to share lessons learnt from similar trials, and to discuss potential cooperative approaches to providing free wifi in overlapping areas.

For more information contact Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore on 040 977 213 or email

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