WESTCONNEX financial impact on Council grows

Marrickville Council may have to shelve plans to install billboards on land it owns and forgo up to $352,000 in rental income from those billboards because of the WestConnex Motorway, a report to be debated at Marrickville Council tonight reveals.

Over recent months Marrickville Council has been investigating the possibility of installing billboards on the ‘Tempe Lands’ which back on to the busy Qantas drive adjacent to Sydney Airport.

An initial estimate by council staff suggests these billboards could bring between $144,000 to $352,000 in net rental income to council over their lifetime.

However, this income is now in jeopardy because of the WestConnex Motorway which is likely to be built across the ‘Tempe Lands’.

“The staff report has advised councillors that because of WestConnex the RMS is not likely to allow council to go ahead with the proposed billboards. This news is yet another slug to Council’s budget and further vindicates the Greens calls for WestConnex to be abandoned” said Marrickville Greens Councillor David Leary today.

“In addition to the $23 million in rental income Marrickville Council will lose because of WestConnex revealed by the Greens last month, it now appears council will also lose a major commercial opportunity to install these billboards. How much more will this motorway cost council, local residents and ratepayers?” asked Clr Leary

“It is deeply disturbing that Labor and Liberal councillors on Marrickville council are prepared to put aside council’s financial interests and that of their own community to try and win support in marginal seats elsewhere in Sydney. Motorways are just a bandaid solution to our transport and infrastructure problems and WestConnex is going to have a disastrous effect on Marrickville residents. Councillors should be putting the interests of local residents and ratepayers first” commented Clr Leary.

The report to be debated tonight asks council to consider whether they wish to spend more money investigating the proposed billboards.

Rather than investing in more motorways the Greens have proposed the money to be spent on WestConnex instead be spent on improving public transport.

Media contact: Clr David Leary 0409 421 323

Map Proposed WestConnex Route 2013

Map Proposed WestConnex Route 2013

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